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After a year in a Pandemic… How can I help my children!

With so much change in these trying times it ‘s important to reflect and gain new insight.


I’m going to share some ideas that helped renew my strength and look forward with purpose.

1.- Validate emotion

Start with yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and recognize that things have been difficult for everyone. Then, identify the emotional family landscape and show understanding and validation. It’s important that your home remains a safe place to share and discover without judgement.

2.- Design a “safe space”

We have learned through conscious discipline of the importance of having a physical safe space for when emotions run high and we need a moment. At the Roble we have designed such spaces and we recommend you do the same in your home. Here your children can feel safe in expressing their true feelings and remember that it’s both parents’ responsibility to manifest and teach empathy to their children.

3.- Identify avenues for help

Every day brings new challenges and it’s best to not go through them alone. Look around at your loved ones, be it a friend, family member or professional, don’t be shy! And be bold enough to ask for help or advice.

4.- It’s time to recognize

Take time to recognize the new goals, learnings, tastes, conquests, needs, plans, fears and joys that your family is going through. Your family is very different than it was a year ago and it breeds joy to converse and recognize each other’s life.

5.- Change up the scenery

Use every room and corner in the house and don’t be afraid to create new spaces. Decorate and personalize your childrens’ workplace with them, have fun to help them make it their own. Get them involved in owning their spaces. This will make them more flexible, adaptable and creative!

6.- Everyone belongs

The feeling of belonging is a natural human goal. Involving your children, no matter the age, in planning and solving matters of the family is so important. This will strengthen family bonds.

7.- Make routes and change them up.

Routines bring about a sense of security. So allow yourself to change your habits and routine and surprise yourself with the results. Change the routine and be as creative as many times as necessary. Some ideas are: theater nights (have fun and dress up), board games, cooking something new, camping night, home spa, shoot a short film on a phone, or a movie night.

8.- Together from a distance

Social interactions are of great importance to us as parents and especially to our children. It’s important to foster friendships and family bonds through zoom and socially distanced gatherings.

9.- Keep an eye on your kids’ social media

Social media is full of tools for growth but regretfully they are also full of fake news and unwanted content. In a respectful way, make sure you know what accounts your kids frequent and their time spent online. It’s your responsibility to keep them safe even online.

10.-Develop healthy habits for the whole family.

a) Make sure to get 8-10 hours of sleep for an optimal night’s rest


b) Make sure family meals are well balanced and healthy.


c) Keep good hygiene habits (hand washing, brushing teeth after meals and cleanliness culture).


d) Keep an active family through activities like: Yoga, hikes, soccer matches, bike rides, etc.

It’s normal to ask yourself “Am I doing this right?” But always remember that there is no grade and giving your family your best effort is an opportunity that renews daily. You and your family have all the tools you need to keep growing in these trying times.

Diana Baca

Dirección Elementary