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Colegio El Roble en Interlomas Estado de México.

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Should I save up or invest?

6 minutos. Blog Roble Ponte una meta a corto plazo y que sea alcanzable Throughout our lifetime we have felt the joy of having a

Are you ready for a change?

6 minutes. Blog Roble When the pandemic first started we were all feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Feelings of insecurity and fear were constant and persistent.

Dealing with Grief in Teenagers

6 minutos. Blog Roble Dealing with Grief in Teenagers “All the knowledge and theories in the world are not enough to treat those who suffers


10 minutos. Blog Roble The timeless power of journaling We have all been the victim of a nasty habit that freezes us in our tracks:

The secret of how the Titanic sank

10 minutos. Blog Roble The Secret of How the Titanic Sank Curiosity is one of the driving forces behind innovation, discovery and mental expansion. Wanting

How to trust and be trustworthy

10 minutos. Blog Roble How to trust and be trustworthy We all want to trust our loved ones and have them trust us back. It

¡Learn about reading!

10 minutos. Blog Roble Learn about reading! Little ones develop their imagination, deepen their vocabulary and better their attention span every time an adult reads,

What does winning mean in school sports?

10 minutos. Blog Roble What does winning mean in school sports? Afterschool sports will always be spaces for creativity, growth, challenge and happiness for the

Get ready to learn

Get ready to learn No matter who you are, regardless of any describing factor you could think of, you have faced …

Full, harmonious and happy life

Blog Roble Welcome to the first ever Roble Blog entry! :  It is my utmost honor to share with our lovely community the ten steps