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Welcome to the first ever Roble Blog entry! :
 It is my utmost honor to share with our lovely community the ten steps that I’ve gathered for living a full, loving and purposeful life.

Full, harmonious and happy life

3 minutes.

Gratitude as a Practice: One of the most important emotions to foster in our daily lives is Joy. This emotion charges us up with energy and happiness. How do we achieve joy? Through gratitude. Which is why finding moments of gratitude throughout our days is of such vital importance and also generates empathy. This practice is well accompanied by an active life (sports and fitness), as well as keeping healthy sleep habits.

Living with a Purpose: Get to know yourself, listen to your emotions, validate them in a calm manner so you can decode the message that they mean to bring. Do what spark your passions and always try to be of service.

Believe in Something Bigger than Yourself: When engaging in acts that build community you will find that you feel a great horizontal connection to the people around you. However, the true belief that there is something greater than us helps to connect vertically on a more spiritual plane. This belief allows us to gain perspective on our daily struggles and connects us to a bigger purpose.

Facing Challenges: It’s never about what life throws at us, rather how we handle it and what lessons we extract from the experience. Resilience, discipline and effort grow in these experiences as well as the fortifying of our close group of loved ones.

Hard Work Builds Character: Work shapes us and makes us stronger in many aspects. It allows us to value and accomplish crucial objectives by being productive. Have an agenda, either digital or physical and integrate the use of alarms to remind you of your tasks. Be sure to honor your words and practice clear communication when it comes to modifying plans, otherwise you risk losing levels of trustworthiness.

Understanding is a Journey Behind every person’s actions is a real reason for specific behavior. Don’t judge others. It’s never easy to infer where someone is coming from but know this: people don’t wake up itching to hurt or confuse others. There is a story behind every action and judgment only separates.

Listening is the Most Powerful Tool for Connection: By listening to those around you can produce open-ness, confidence and validation, all of which are necessary for healthy interactions. Many times just feeling heard is what the other person needs. Listen with your ears, eyes, but above all, with an open heart.

Don’t Take Things Personally: What you’re going through is not a consequence of a deliberate action designed to bother you.

Things aren’t Pervasive: The struggles we face never cut through to all aspects of our lives. Focus on what you want to make better and on implementing the discipline to achieve said change.

Keep Faith Alive: Problems are never permanent. Every hardship, no matter how big or small is temporary. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks, persevere, change strategy, apply yourself and when you least expect it your problem will be well on its way to being solved.


I truly hope my tips can be of guidance. As a sign off I’d love to acknowledge my parents, siblings, grandparents, my husband, my children, my bosses, co-workers, friends and lovely people I’ve had the chance to coincide with. It is from this deep well of connection that many of my tips originate from. Surely you might have other great tips for happy living and I would love to hear what they are!

Escrito por: Maestra Eloísa del Carmen Molina Arceo

Directora Upper School Roble