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Learn about reading!

Little ones develop their imagination, deepen their vocabulary and better their attention span every time an adult reads, sings or tells them stories. These actions not only reinforce the love for reading but it also creates strong bonds.


It’s important to have a home library or access to books so that their love for reading can continue to grow.


If you read to your children everyday, by the time they reach primary school they would have read 1825 books. Can you imagine how that would enrich their lives. Every book counts!


It has been discovered that kids who own twenty or more books increase their schooling level by three years

I myself am a lover of literature and have discovered many fun facts related to books. Have a sit down with your children and read together these diverse facts that are sure to intrigue and delight.


Bibliosmia is the pleasurable sensation one gets when smelling physical books. I must admit that I love to smell my books, even smelling them before I start reading.


I found out that the three most read books are:

The Bible, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung and Harry Potter. Of these three, Harry Potter is the most banned book in history. 


Did you know that the first book written by typewriter was “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Written by Mark Twain, this book counts for 274 pages. That’s a lot of patience and even more ink to be able to complete the novel.


I also found a list of weekly reading habits raked by country. Here are a couple of the countries on the list:


1° India: 10 hr 42 min

2° Tailandia 9 hr 24 min

3° China 8 hr

4° Filipinas 7 hr 36 min

5° Egipto 7 hr 30 min

13° Venezuela 6 hr 24 min

24° México 5 hr 30 min


The first story ever written was “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, a poem written in clay tablets and cuneiform writing. This method was used by the first civilizations that started in Mesopotamia.



Don’t you think it’s interesting that the approximate time for writing a novel is 475 hours. That means that if you were to write for eight hours a day you’d finish your book in sixty days!


Some people have told me that they think i suffer from Abiblophobia, which is the fear of running out of things to read. But I don’t have this fear despite my love for books because I know there is always more to read. I have many books that I read and keep but I also practice the art of giving up, placing more than 5,000 books of my personal library in deserving homes.


It makes me so happy to know that the more you read, the longer you live. Because I have news for you and I’m going to live for a long time. A study published by the Social Science & Medicine said that reading half an hour to an hour a day can lengthen your lifespan by 23 months!


Another good news is that reading helps to fight Alzheimer’s. If you maintain your reading throughout the years you have 2 ½ times less chances of getting the horrid disease.

It’s also known that reading improves your vocabulary.

Children learn from 4,000 to 12,000 new words a year through reading. And the sharper your vocabulary, the better your tools will be for expressing yourself clearly.

You see reading is not simply the reproduction of text into sound, but an interactive activity at its core.  It allows us to discover distant worlds and cultures. It develops our imagination and allows us to dream, get excited, have fun and teach us about new emotions to be felt. The reader is capable of exploring and deciphering the written word and applying it to his own experience. So read! Be it sitting, standing, laying, out loud, with company, alone, day or night, in the park, at school or wherever but… read!

I’ve compiled a few reading recommendations that I’ve found sensational for different age groups and reading levels.