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Reinvention: The Risen Phoenix Gives Thanks

…And then suddenly one day we found out we had to distance ourselves from our students and the school. Which for many of us is a safe and magical place, where we as teachers aid in promoting small changes that revolutionize our ways of being. Everything changed from one day to the next, it was as if everything was placed on pause and time stood still. With much uncertainty and fear we transformed the spaces around us to be able to continue. With this a long process of adaptation began and we were to rise like a fallen phoenix…


If there’s a trait we’ve been invited to employ throughout this pandemic it’s empathy. All you need is for two humans to be involved to practice it, even if it be online or in real life. We have to be there for one another.

“Empathy is understanding what another person feels and trying to identify with their thoughts and actions”. - Dr. Becky Bailey.

As we work with empathy we can access the power of acceptance. The phrase “the moment is how it is” is full of power to accept, validate and process the feelings that we could encounter in any given circumstance. I invite you all to work on this daily and turn it into a lifestyle.

Empathy brings with it a long list of benefits such as:


  • •  Self awareness
  • •  Self control
  • Recognition and acceptance of emotions
  • •  Knowledge of how to communicate your emotions with others
  • • Being able to label feelings with the adequate descriptors.
  • • The understanding that feelings affect behaviour
  • • Knowledge of how relationships are based in mutual esteem and communication.

Let me share with you all 3 principles taken from the Conscious Discipline model that we teach at Colegio El Roble:

● Control and make changes in yourself, then and only then can you impact those around you.

● Your connection to others affects your behavior.

● Conflicts are always opportunities for learning and teaching.


This loyal companion has definitely helped us through these trying times. I would love to take this opportunity to share the gratitude I feel in my heart.

Thank you to the Roble teachers. They managed to change everything in a matter of days to accommodate their teaching methods to our new normal. They have never stopped prepping and growing in order to be at their best!

Thank you to our Roble student body for having the amazing ability to adapt under harsh circumstances. Always taking their studies into their own hands. Thank you for letting us be close to you on this journey.

Thank you to the Roble families for trusting us, doing your part and being the best allies we could ask for.

Lastly, my gratitude extends to all the Colegio el Roble family for joining forces to overcome the unknown. We were pushed to strange limits, facing a pandemic and a long lockdown period, but in the end we could count on each other to get through it.

Surely this upcoming school year will be full of changes. But before take that long desired step let's take a moment to reflect how we’ve been positively transformed by this experience:

¿How have I helped others? Have I taken notice of other people’s process? Have I put myself in my loved one’s shoes? Have I learned to make and keep harmonious relationships? and Have I expressed gratitude to those who have been around me?

Everyone from their own role must now set short goals, lead by example and surely we will be a part of the change our families, friends and society needs to make a positive impact.

We’re waiting for you!

Written by: Alicia Antunez Trejo

Spanish Coordinator Elementary


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