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We all want to inhabit our bodies in the most healthy way possible. So this year I want to suggest we begin things a bit slower. It always feels as though we unwillingly subscribe into a contest to complete our new years resolutions as fast as possible. Not this year, I propose we take a more calm and level headed approach. We all have personal goals but that doesn’t mean that we have to have them fully implemented into our routines by January 31.  We are create to make long-lasting habits and have paradigm shifts and that takes time and effort. So let’s dosify our efforts and our energy so that we don’t become disheartened on our paths to better health.



Are you looking to transform your body, be it to have bigger muscles, lower body fat or change your appearance? If you are, then you can follow the tradicional route and go to the gym and start on a diet.  You wouldn’t be wrong, you know. Exercise can lead to self love, muscle toning, bettering lung performance, strengthening your mind, liberating endorphins, serotonin release and as if that weren’t enough, you’ll be filled with naturally occurring dopamine and be happier overall.



However, if you aren’t clear on your reasons for wanting a physical change you’ll probably get lost along the way and not achieve your goal of feeling better about yourself. This could be linked to your self esteem, wanting to belong to a certain group of people or maybe even that you’re looking for recognition and external motivations. At first I’m sure your motivations are to have a more attractive exterior which is why you’re focusing on your body, but the real work you must do comes from within. Physical health is linked to mental health and you should spend time working on both in order to achieve real growth.



Choosing a discipline or sport, accompanied with a healthy diet and supervision from a professional will allow you to make full use of your potential. All your efforts will be rewarded in so many areas of your life, many times without you even noticing. All you have to do is focus on creating this new habit and you’ll see great benefits.

Take the leap and bet on yourself and on your future!

I hope that after having read this blog you feel confident upon embarking this health and fitness journey. Make sure to adopt a steady and sustainable pace and overall have respect for your body. This way you can take control over the small decisions that will sum up to your physical and mental health. Remember to cheer yourself on and constantly celebrate your progress which will inevitably make you feel better about your body.

Gaby Villanueva